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When you are looking for a Boiler Replacement or to have a new boiler installation, you need to know what type of boiler to buy. This is often determined by the size of your property, available space, if gas is installed or not, what size of gas pipes you have or if they can be upgraded if needed, if solar panels are fitted etc. And of course, budget plays a massive role in deciding your boiler as well. Balancing up the cost of the boiler and installation versus savings in energy bills and continual cost of repairs to an old boiler have to be weighed up as well.

We work with the major boiler manufacturers to give you the best options for your needs and budget. Worcester-Bosch, Ideal, Vokera, Vaillant, Potterton, Alpha, Baxi and Glow Worm. From our experience, these companies offer the best products with the best warranties and customer service and also have replacement parts more readily available when the warranties eventually run out and parts sometimes need replacing.

Check out our page on Boiler Types for an introduction to the various types of boilers available which will help you to make your decision.

If you are unsure, call 0141-530-1315 for a qualified heating engineer to help you decide which type of boiler is best suited for you.


Replacing Your Boiler Like For Like

When doing a Boiler Replacement, most of our jobs involve swapping a combi boiler out for a new combi boiler. This is by far the most common boiler type and the most common request when we are asked to replace a boiler.

The good thing about this is that most of the time you then know what size of boiler you need, if gas is installed or not, what size of pipes you have etc. All you need to decide on is the make and model of your new boiler which very often comes down to price, brand and length of warranty offered.

We have come across customers who would only have the latest Worcester-Bosch model due to the great name they have and the excellent manufacturers warranty which they provide. This certainly isn’t a bad choice as they are excellent boilers.

Other customers are happy to go with the best price as long as it is a well regarded brand name like Ideal, Vaillant or Potterton and the model still offers a good warranty.

Really, there are no right or wrong answers to this question as long as you are guided along the right path when selecting which boilers to choose from.

Most modern Combi Boilers are all condensing boilers meaning that they re-use the maximum amount of fuel and giving them a 90% rating on the SEB Scale. (See Choosing Your Boiler for more details.)

This means that replacing an old style boiler for a brand new one (whatever the make) will undoubtedly be more efficient therefore saving you money on your energy bills.



Replacing Your Boiler With A Different Boiler Type

Sometimes we will visit a property and there is an extension which has been built or a loft or attic has been converted. The water usage of the household has then changed. For example rather than requiring a 30Kw Combi Boiler, the property may now require a Traditional Boiler to be installed to supply the demand of the expanded household.

This is when you will have to speak to your boiler engineer about Choosing the Correct Boiler Type and Sizing Your Boiler according to the needs of the property.



Sizing Your Boiler Replacement Correctly

Occasionally we see that the wrong boiler has been put in the property in the first place. The boiler has maybe been under sized meaning that the boiler is not providing enough heat and flow rate for the household. This leads to reduced water flow and water dropping in temperature when another source is turned on.

This is most noticeable when you are in the bathroom shower and somebody turns on the hot tap to wash the dishes in the kitchen. If the boiler is under sized, you will notice a drop in pressure and water temperature in the shower as the boiler is then trying to heat 2 water sources when it is not powerful enough to do so.

The solution is to take advice from your local heating engineer as to the size of the boiler required to efficiently and adequately supply your property. For example, you wouldn’t need a 40Kw boiler to supply a one bedroom flat. This would be over engineering the requirements and paying too much money for a boiler which you don’t need. Similarly, fitting a 25Kw boiler in a 5 bedroom house is not going to supply enough hot water and your boiler is going to be running at full capacity. Either way, you are wasting money.

Therefore sizing your boiler replacement is very important and you should take the advice of your boiler engineer when deciding which boiler to install.

What Happens After Your Boiler Replacement

After you have had your Boiler Replaced and you are 100% happy with it. The Heating Engineer has shown you how to operate it, has left you with all the warranty and any additional instructions which may have been left with the boiler installation pack.

What happens after that…?

Well, the Heating Engineer will firstly have told you that to keep your Manufacturers Warranty valid that you must get your boiler serviced annually. We will therefore keep you informed as to when your Boiler Service will be due for renewal and give you a little reminder nearer the time to get you booked in for that.

The reason why a boiler service for a new boiler is just as important for an old boiler. Safety is paramount. Obviously, there is a greater chance of having more problems as your boiler gets older. However, we still get calls every week from customefrs who have had their boiler installed incorrectly or even dangerously by other disreputable companies or individuals who are putting peoples lives at risk by performing bad boiler installations.

Our annual service keeps you and you boiler safe. It also ensures that your boiler is running at optimal performance.

Check out out Full Boiler Installation Process for more details on every step of the Boiler Replacement Process.

Please remember are always use a Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineer when dealing with any Gas whether it is a Gas Pipe, Gas Meter, Gas Appliance or your Gas Boiler.

Boiler Replacement Cost

If you are looking for a Boiler Replacement Cost in Glasgow, you have come to the right place.

We CANNOT be beaten like for like on quality and price.  Our relationship with the main Boiler Manufacturers and Boiler Merchants means that we can buy our boilers for the absoluite best prices on the market. We then use these cost savings to pass on to our customers so that you don’t have to compromise on quality or price.

Some of our customers think that they can source their boilers cheaper and then ask us to install it for them. Although we are more than happy to carry out this service, 99% of the time we have found that the customers has paid even more for their boiler than it would have cost if we supplied and fitted it for them, We have even found that the customer has bought the wrong boiler in a sale and has then had to buy another one to get installed or that they have bought the wrong flue to go with the boiler.

All very costly and unnecessary mistakes. When you come to Glasgow Plumbing Services, we take care of everything from start to finish. Whatever the job entails; however large or small, we will project mange the full job from beginnning to end and get the job done properly with minimal time and fuss.

With regards to actual numbers, our prices for an A-Star Rated Condensing Combi Boiler supplied and fitted start from only £999. This also includes:-

FREE – Full Power Flush (Value £500)

FREE – Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat (Value £89)

FREE – 10 years Manufacturer’s Warranty (Value £250)

FREE – Magnetic Filter (Value £119)

FREE – Removal/Safe Disposal of Old Boiler (Value £50)

You just can’t get these kind of offers anywhere else from a reputable company with all work Fully Insured and 100% Guaranteed.

If any additional work is needing done, it will be priced on an individual job basis.

Additional work may include changing pipework from the old fashioned 15mm gas supply to the more modern 18mm gas supply which is required for most of the modern boilers. Relocating your boiler from the loft space to the kitchen or storage cupboard. These indivdual situations would have to be assessed onsite prior to the installation going ahead. Either way, you will be given a fixed price for the work so that there are no nasty and unexpected price changes or hidden costs.

We have an fully open upfront pricing policy which is transparent for all so that you know what you are getting and for what price.

For more information, give us a call on 0141-530-1315 at any time, day or night.


Combi Boiler

The most common type of boiler is the Combi Boiler or the Combination Boiler to give it its full title because it has the combined role of heating both the hot water and the central heating system. Instead of the hot water being stored such as in the System Boiler or a Traditional Boiler, the Combi Boiler heats the water as required, directly from the tap or shower. This has 2 main advantages. The water comes out at mains pressure as it is coming direct from the source so you have maximum pressure and don’t require pumping water from a storage area. Also, this is the most efficient way to use your hot water as you are only heating water you use and not paying to heat and then store water which you may or may not use.

Modern Combi Boilers are very quiet and compact meaning that they no longer have to be in out of the way places and are often fitted discreetly into kitchens and bathrooms reducing the need for costly pipework fitted throughout the property. Combi Boilers also do away with the need for a water tank in the loft as they heat directly from the taps so are ideal for homes with limited space or in homes where you need to do away with the water tank to allow for a loft conversion for example.

Modern Combi Boilers are also highly energy efficient.

System Boilers

A system boiler is generally larger than a Combi Boiler, as it requires an extra cylinder for hot water storage (central heating expansion vessel). These are useful in those properties with multiple bathrooms or have a need for hot water being supplied to multiple taps at the same time.

A system boiler has the heating and hot water systems built in as part of the full unit. This does away with the need for a separate cold or hot water storage area (feed and expansion cistern), thus reducing the space required if the loft space is needed. It also makes the installation process easier and cleaner as all the operational parts are contained within the system itself. Again, they are Highly Efficient and economical to run and are also compatible with Solar Water Heating Systems to reduce your carbon foot print.

These are particularly suitable in larger households or those with more than one bathroom where you require more hot water than a Combi Boiler could provide. Or those households where a power shower is installed or would like quick filling baths due to the built-in pump providing a high flow rate.

Traditional Boiler

A Traditional Boiler (or Regular Boiler/Conventional Boiler) requires a cold-water storage tank to supply the boiler and a hot water storage tank to maintain the hot water levels for the central heating system. These tanks are usually kept in the loft. For this reason, a conventional boiler requires more storage space than a Combi Boiler or a System Boiler.

A Regular Boiler is suited to older properties which have older central heating and hot water systems like old radiators which are not designed for more modern high water pressure systems.

Again, this may be your best option for larger properties with multiple bathrooms or have a need for a lot of hot water use or where water pressure is low.

These types of boilers are also compatible with a Solar Water Heating System.

Fuel Efficiency and SEDBUK

The efficiency of boilers uses the SEDBUK scale which is the Governing Organisational Body appointed in the U.K. From 2005 to 2009 the award system of a boiler was a rating of A > G.

From 2009 this changed to a simple percentage (%) and from 2010, new boilers must be at least 88% efficient meaning that they utilise at least 88% of their fuel source in providing hot water.

Condensing Boilers

Condensing Boilers recycle “waste” gases which would normally be dispelled outside via the flue to generate additional; energy to heat the water. These boilers are especially energy efficient since they are using every available energy source to generate heat from. If you are looking for the most efficient boiler to minimise of Carbon waste then a Condensing Boiler is your best option. Modern boilers are mostly all forms of condensing boilers now with very few exceptions as it is the most efficient way of producing heat.

Choosing The Right Boiler

When the time comes to get a new Boiler Installed. Whether this be a newly built home or a Replacement Boiler for an old system which has stopped working or is now so inefficient that it is costing even more money to run and maintain.

There are certain questions which you have to ask in order to get the right boiler for your property. But remember, if you are ever in doubt give Glasgow Plumbing Services a call and our highly trained heating engineers will pay you a visit or talk you through any queries which you may have over the phone.

Buying a new boiler is a big decision and one that you want to get right the first time. Not only ensuring that you are getting your boiler installed by a reputable Gas Safe Registered engineer and that the company is fully insured and all the work is guaranteed. You also want to make sure that you buy the right boiler for your property, for your peace of mind and for your pocket…..!!!


Different Boiler Fuel Types

One of the main questions which you will have to decide on is what form of fuel do you want your boiler to be? Gas Boiler, Electric Boiler, Oil Boiler or Solar Boiler. Often the answer will be answered by the type of property you have and what is available. For example, if there is no gas in the property and you have no options to get gas installed then your options are then probably going to be an Electric Boiler.

A Gas Boiler and an Electric boiler are the two most common options of boilers which we install. However, a Solar Powered Boiler is very slowly becoming more popular as people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and save on fuel costs. If you would like to go down the route of Solar Water Heating, there are Goverment Grants available to you to help you pay for the installation of the Solar Water System.


What Space Is Available For Your Boiler?

If you have a small 1 bedroom flat where space is optimal then you really don’t want to be fitting a traditional boier which would take up far too much space. A compact Combi boiler would be more than adequate to supply your property with adequate heating and water flow rate for what you need.


What Is Your Budget For Your Boiler?

Never underestimate the power of your Budget for your New Boiler. This has a massive influence on the final decision making process when deciding which boiler you want to buy. And always remember that buying the most expensive boiler that you can find isn’t going to be the best option for you anyway. It is more important to find the right boiler for your property in terms of size, power and cost than it is to splash out on something which you don’t need. Buying an oversized boiler means that you have paid out for something

If you are unclear about what options are available to you, speak to one of our fully trained Heating Engineers who will guide you through the various steps and help you choose that boiler that is right for you.

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