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If you need a Boiler Repair in Glasgow, Glasgow Plumbing Services can carry out all the work required to get your boiler back up and running. Our highly trained and qualified heating engineers have a great deal of experience in dealing with boiler repairs and as such, diagnosing the problems and getting a resolution to your faulty boiler is done with minimum effort of fuss.

Gas Safe Registered, our boiler engineers will carry out the boiler repair and/or supply and fit the new part(s) required. We specialise in the top 7 boiler brands which gives us access to parts for boilers which are now discontinued and hard to come by. We also have a long and valued relationship with the boiler manufacturers and several plumbing merchants in Glasgow and are therefore able to obtain boiler parts at hugely discounted prices and pass these savings onto our customers.

Many of the repairs we carry out on boilers is because they have been neglected for years without having a boiler service. Just like your car it is good practise to service your boiler to keep it running safely and at optimum efficiency.

It always makes good financial sense to carry out your boiler repairs where possible. Even several boiler repairs over a few years to your existing boiler including parts and labour can still be massively cheaper than replacing your boiler.

However, there are occasions when your out of date faulty boiler is beyond economical repair. If your boiler is in serious disrepair, so old that the parts are no longer available or so inefficient that your energy bills are huge then maybe it is time to look to replace your boiler.

Another reason which you may want to replace your boiler for is that is so old that it is not an efficient boiler or that is has become so inefficient because it wasn’t serviced regularly or maybe sludge throughout the system has damaged the workings of so many parts that it isn’t operating at its optimum performance.



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Common Boiler Repairs You Can Fix Yourself

Although anything can go wrong with your boiler, there are many common boiler repairs which we seem to get called to more than any other and unfortunately most of these happen in the winter when you need the heat and hot water the most.

Please note that when dealing with boilers and gas, you must always use a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Low Water Pressure (and How To Increase Boiler Water Pressure)

The simplest and easiest boiler repair is one which you can and should check yourself first at home before you call out a Gas Safe engineer. The number of times we go to a job where the water pressure is too low always amazes us as this is a very simple fix and is a boiler repair which you can fix at home by yourself.

If the built in pressure gauge on your boiler is below 1 then low water pressure problems can result. Ideally the water pressure should be 1-1.5. If it is too low, then check your boiler manual to re-pressurise the system. This is different for every boiler and uses either the built in or external filling loop. Make sure you switch off your boiler first to allow time for it to cool. Then connect the filling loop if it is external or ensure that there is a tight connection if it is a built in filling loop. Make sure that you remember the closed position on each valve then open them one at a time and you will hear the water rush into the system. The pressure gauge will quickly increase and when it reaches 1.5 bar, close off both valves on the filling loop and disconnect if it is an external filling loop.

Boiler Repairs - Worcester Greenstar CDi Classic Regular Inside View
Gas Safe registered Heating Engineer Glasgow

Boiler Repairs by a Gas Safe Engineer (Stay Safe)

When you need a boiler repair, it is a legal requirement to use a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

Do not take the chance of working on a boiler yourself or using somebody who is not Gas Safe Registered.

Not only are our engineers highly trained and experienced but also Gas Safe Registered and fully insured for your safety and peace of mind.

For this reason, we can safely carry out your boiler repairs or service your boiler as well as replace your boiler if that it what is required.

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Boiler Repairs vs Boiler Replacement (Which is Best)

A question we often get asked is, “should we replace our boiler or get the faulty boiler repaired?”

This is a great question but unfortunately the answer is not so simple. Firstly, you need to know if your boiler is still under your manufacturers warranty. Then you need to know what the problem with the boiler is? Is it a quick and simple fix or is it a unknown and possibly costly fault?

The best way to determine all of this is to call a professional boiler engineer to investigate your faulty boiler. We will be able to diagnose what the problem actually is and if it can be fixed. Then they we will determine if the parts are available and is it viable and cost effective to repair the boiler or is it best to cut your losses and opt to replace your boiler.

If you would like to book a diagnostics visit to check your faulty boiler, you can give us a call to let us know a day and time which suits you.


Boiler Repairs - Ideal Logic-Boiler-Installation-Glasgow

Preventing Boiler Repairs

Rather than dealing with boiler repairs, get your boiler serviced annually to keep it in tip top condition. Not only does an annual boiler service keep you boiler efficient and cost effective but it also reduces the chances of nasty boiler repair bills due to clogged up pipes, knocking and kettling sounds and ultimately no hot water or heating.

A boiler service primarily ensures the safety of your boiler but also checks all the inner workings for maximum efficiency so that your boiler is working at its optimum.

If you have a filter fitted, this will take away a lot of the sludge which would have normally ended up inside your boiler and will inevitably lead to boiler repairs which can be expensive. Therefore servicing your boiler every year can prevent the unwanted boiler repairs that nobody wants to have to deal with.

Our full Boiler Service is £79 and is the most comprehensive boiler service we provide.

  • Full strip down, inspection and clean.
  • Health check of the full system
  • Bleeding radiators, checking content and water quality levels throughout system.
  • Check for corrosion and sludge damaging the system
  • Check the injectors and burners
  • Strip down and clean the heat exchanger
  • Check all gaskets and seals
  • Perform a full Flue Gas Analysis
  • Provide you with a full report of all our reading and what the findings are highlighting the current condition of your boiler.

This will take our Gas Safe Registered heating engineer at least an hour to perform depending on the condition of your boiler.


Plumbers Glasgow - Gas Safe Heating Engineer Repairing Boiler
Boiler Repair in Kitchen

Boiler Repair Maintenance Plans

Our boiler repair maintenance plans means that there are no surprise bills if and when you ever need a boiler repair. We offer a variety of plans to suit your needs and budget, size of house and boiler. We can cover whatever you want covered. If you only need your boiler repairs covered, that’s fine – we have a maintenance plan for you. If you want you boiler repairs, boiler service, all plumbing and heating work as well as electrical work, that’s fine too. We have a plan for everybody. Just give us a call and we can discuss your needs and give you the plan which suits you best.

For a low monthly cost, all of your boiler repairs can be covered by our very comprehensive maintenance plan policies.

If you are a landlord with one or multiple properties, we can cover all your boiler repairs under one plan so that you can rest easy knowing that you will not have any unexpected and costly outlays.

Cost of Boiler Repairs

Once your manufacturers warranty runs out, boiler repairs can be a daunting prospect unless you have a boiler repair maintenance plan in place.

Boiler repairs can be costly, time consuming and for some reason seem to happen at the worst of times like the middle of a cold winter or when a new baby arrives and you really need hot water and your heating on.

As you can expect, costs can vary massively between boiler manufacturers and costs for different parts of the boilers can also vary widely. If you have one of our boiler repair maintenance plans, then you will be covered. However, if you are looking to get a boiler repair done individually we would have to charge for the engineers time and also charge for any parts required separately.

Our hourly rate is from £59 per hour depending on the job. If you just require an engineers time for a boiler diagnostics and boiler repair without parts, you would only pay for the engineers time. If you require parts for the job then you would have to pay for the parts plus the engineers time. We would give you a full free quote for the job before starting any work and if you decide to go ahead with this then we will continue with the job.

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As an ALL TRADES Company, Glasgow Plumbing Services will provide all the tradesmen you need to get the job done. We have Plumbers, Heating Engineers, Joiners, Tilers, Plasterers, Slaterers, Brick Layers, Roofers, Electricians, Locksmiths, Architects, Interior Designers, Handymen and anybody else you need for your job. We have it covered…


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Our Gas Registered Heating Engineers are experienced in all aspects of heating including; Central Heating Installations and Repairs, Power Flushing, Gas Ovens, Hobs and Gas Fire Installations, Landlord Gas Safety Checks etc.

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We cover all Boiler Repairs, Boiler Services, Boiler Installations and Maintenance. Combi Boilers, Storage Heaters, Gas, Electric, Oil and Solar Powered. Smart Room Thermostat Installations. Boiler Safety Checks.

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