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We specialise in Vokera Boiler Repairs Glasgow and the surrounding areas. In Glasgow and the West Coast of Scotland, Vokera are by far the most common boilers in use. This means that we generally deal with Vokera Boilers every single day. We have seen every fault in these boilers and can quickly get them back up and running with our expertise and experience in dealing with them. We also carry most of the spare parts commonly required for these in our vans and storage facility as we know that they are used on a daily basis. Nobody knows these Vokera boilers better than our highly trained Heating Engineers.

Vokera make great boilers for the low end of the budget boilers. However, once you get a boiler at 8-10 years old then a few common problems start to creep in. If you have been getting a Boiler Service then your boiler can last a lot longer and problems may not arise until 12-15 years. I have even seen a well maintained Vokera Boiler at 20 years old and still going strong. That is impressive…

Vokera provide an excellent support service based right in Glasgow, probably due to the very high number of boilers which they have in this area. Their technical support team specialise in Vokera Boilers and provide an excellent resource in assisting Gas Safe Registered boiler engineers in diagnosing the faults at a job and getting serial numbers for parts.


Vokera Boiler Repair Parts 

The age of your boiler and how common the boiler is often determines the availability of the spare parts if and when they are required. If your boiler is 25 years old and it wasn’t a popular model then the chances of finding a spare part for this are limited. However, most boiler models are made to last and are fitted over a long period of time meaning that they are popular and parts are usually available. Especially if you have one of the main boiler brands like Vokera. Our engineers are experts at sourcing the right parts for a job if they don’t already have them. First, we would use our contacts at the Plumbing Merchants and the Boiler Manufacturers to source the part. If it wasn’t available here, as a last resort we use certain suppliers on the reconditioned parts market or on the second hand market to get you back up and running.


Vokera Boiler Repair vs Replacement Boiler

There comes a time in the life of all boilers where you have to say that it has done a great job but it is time for a new one. Nobody wants to splash out on the expense of a new boiler but that’s just a sad fact of life sometimes.

This point is really best determined by a qualified and experienced Boiler Engineer. If they estimate that your boiler is 10 years old and the replacement parts and labour are going to cost you £250 to get you back up and running with no guarantee that another part will need replaced in another month then they might just say to you to look at a Replacement Boiler. We certainly wouldn’t want you to be paying out good money after bad to keep up the lifespan of an old dilapidated boiler when it is not an energy efficient as a new boiler installation and would not come with all the added extras like a warranty, wireless room thermostat controls, a Power Flush.

At this point you may decide that you would like to swap the boilers like for like and get another Vokera the same size. Your Boiler Engineer will “Size Your Boiler”  and determine if this is the right path for you or not.

You may also decide that you would like to upgrade to a better boiler and go for a mid range boiler like a IDEAL Logic or go for a top of the range boiler brand like Worcester-Bosch or an ATAG. Should you wish to go down this route, then your Boiler Engineer will talk you through all the options that are open to you with you property set up.


Vokera Boiler Service Glasgow

Once your Vokera Boiler is back up and running again, you may want to get your Vokera boiler serviced. We can provide a full service for you and even do so on an annual basis if you wish. A Boiler Service ensures that your boiler is safe and running at maximum efficiency. For the full details of all the work we carry out, please look at our Boiler Service page.  This will explain why do you need this and what it covers.


As it involves gas, then it is paramount that your boiler is checked over by a Gas Safe heating engineer. In the UK, approximately one person a week dies from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide is odourless and therefore very difficult to detect but you can easily fit a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home to alert you to this danger and it will raise an alarm in the same way that a smoke detector would. Also remember, if you do smell gas then call British Gas emergency number on 0800 111 999. Open all doors and windows and wait in a safe place away from the smell for the Emergency Gas Team to arrive.


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As an ALL TRADES Company, Glasgow Plumbing Services will provide all the tradesmen you need to get the job done. We have Plumbers, Heating Engineers, Joiners, Tilers, Plasterers, Slaterers, Brick Layers, Roofers, Electricians, Locksmiths, Architects, Interior Designers, Handymen and anybody else you need for your job. We have it covered…


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Our Gas Registered Heating Engineers are experienced in all aspects of heating including; Central Heating Installations and Repairs, Power Flushing, Gas Ovens, Hobs and Gas Fire Installations, Landlord Gas Safety Checks etc.

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We cover all Boiler Repairs, Boiler Services, Boiler Installations and Maintenance. Combi Boilers, Storage Heaters, Gas, Electric, Oil and Solar Powered. Smart Room Thermostat Installations. Boiler Safety Checks.

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