Dripping Taps Glasgow

If you have dripping taps in your home, you should be able to fix them yourself if you know some plumbing basics.  

-Firstly, make sure that the water is turned off at the mains.  

-Next unscrew the top of the dripping tap and check under the top section which may need to be popped off with a screwdriver.  

-Check the washer for any signs of decay, pitting or cracks.  

-Typically a worn washer is the problem with a dripping tap.  

-Simply replacing this with a new washer resolves most of these problems. 

-Replace Screw and top of the tap.

If it is still leaking, you probably need to replace the tap. This is more common now as taps are made much more cheaply than before and also they are sometimes now made as a single unit.

Remember, if in doubt, call in the Professional Plumbers Glasgow for all your Plumbing and Heating work.

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