How to Become a Plumber Scotland

If you are wondering how to become a plumber in Scotland, then we have outlined various options which are open to you…

There are several ways to start your career in plumbing. The most common options are:-

  1. Get a Plumbing Apprenticeship
  2. Complete a Fast Track Plumbers Training Course
  3. Become a Plumbers Mate


Getting a Plumbing Apprenticeship

Getting a plumbing apprenticeship is a very traditional route to become a plumber and gives you great experience over a traditional 4 year apprenticeship period where you not only gain an insight into every aspect of the job but also the tips and tricks which your mentoring plumbing does in order to get the job done in a safe and efficient manner. This is a great platform to establish all the skills necessary in order to become a plumber and be able to walk away with the confidence and knowledge that you have all the skills and practical application necessary to go it alone.


There are definite pros and cons to getting an apprenticeship. Especially in the current climate where there are less and less business taking apprentices on. In fact, the demand for plumbers always out strips the supply of plumbers mainly because there are not enough apprenticeships offered to young people starting out their careers. The positive side of this is that once you are fully trained and qualified then your skills will always be in demand and you will always be able to earn a good living as a plumber.


First there is the traditional 4 year time frame required to become a fully trained plumber. This is a good time frame to be able to pick up all the skills that you will need to become a plumber and give you a great deal of experience working alongside skilled tradesmen on a variety of projects and settings. You might spend 2 weeks working on a big hotel project doing the same thing day in day out, then spend the next month doing 8 completely different jobs every single day. All the time, you are picking up valuable skills and insights into what tools you need, what is the most efficient way to do a job and various ways you can carry out the same job. However, it is still a long time to be on the reduced wages that apprentices get.


Plumbing apprenticeships are normally only offered to 16-21 year olds. So if you are a mature adult wishing to change career then this opportunity is rarely available to you and you also probably wouldn’t be able to get by on the lower wages offered, especially if you have a house, car and a family to support.


Another great benefit to getting a plumbing apprenticeship is the scope of experience that it gives you. Usually you will be exposed to all aspects of plumbing and also domestic heating systems allowing you to become Gas Safe Registered once you complete your training to become a time served fully qualified, trained and experienced plumber who can then safely carry out all aspects of plumbing and heating work and would be a real asset to any future employer or can be self-employed.


Complete a Fast Track Plumbers Training Course

The alternative route to becoming a plumber is to complete your fast track training course. Although these courses do not cover the vast training and experience which a plumbing apprenticeship would give you, the time required in order to complete them is significantly less therefore allowing you to become a fully qualified and skilled plumber is a quarter of the time frame.

If you are too old to be offered a plumbing apprenticeship or you want to become a fully trained and qualified plumber as quickly as possible then the fast track plumbing course is a great option for you.

Once you complete your training and are awarded your relevant certification, you then become a valuable asset to any plumbing company hiring plumbers or gas safe registered heating engineers.

Another benefit is that you can also choose which courses you want to do. If you wish to become a plumber and do you City and Guilds Qualifications then you can choose exactly which courses which want to do.

You might want to complete your Plumbing and Domestic Heating Qualifications – (NVQ Level 2 plumbing and heating qualification)

And go on to be a domestic plumber. Alternatively, you may want to specialise as a gas engineer and deal with commercial boilers so you don’t have to do all the plumbing training. You can choose the path that you want to go down and only complete the necessary qualifications which are essential to give you the skills and training required for your chosen profession.


If you choose to complete a fast track plumbing training course, we recommend Skills Training Group, a reputable and local training company who specialise in training Plumbers, Gas Engineers and Electricians to industry standards in a safe and nurturing environment and provide them with the necessary qualifications to be fully employable upon their completion. The Skills Training Group have a variety of training courses to suit anybody wanting to be a fully qualified Plumber, Gas Safe Engineer or Electrician and have the option to do the training full-time or part time; daytime or evenings. This means that everybody has the option to either go full time or study around their work, family and home life if that suits better. You can be a fully qualified plumber in as little as 46 weeks. Something certainly worth considering compared to a 4 year apprenticeship. 


Become a Plumbers Mate

Becoming a plumbers mate is again a more traditional route into training to become a plumber. A plumbers mate is essentially somebody who helps and assists the plumber is doing their work. Along the way, the plumbers mate will learn all the tools required and how to use them to safely and effectively do the work.

In time, the plumber would ask the plumbers mate to carry out the smaller jobs which they have been shown to do. Over time, as the skills and experience of the plumbers mate grows, then the plumber would ask them to do more and more work in order to assist the tradesmen. 

There is nothing quite like starting at the bottom and working your way up to know a job inside out. However, like a plumbers apprentice, the role of the plumbers mate is usually a much lower rate of pay than a fully qualified tradesman. 

However, these positions are becoming rare now and are often reserved for friends or family of the tradesman plumber doing the training. 

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