No Hot Water? Read This Before Calling For Boiler Repairs…..!!!!!!

Before calling for Boiler Repairs, you can quickly go through some common faults with your boiler to see if it can be fixed by yourself. Below are some of the most common fixes which can be done at home before calling a boiler engineer for Boiler Repairs.

Not having hot water is not the worst plumbing problem but it is one of the most common and still a major inconvenience. This mainly arises due to water heater or boiler problems. Here are some quick checks to make before calling a plumber or boiler engineer.

-If you have an older gas boiler with a pilot light (blue flame burning in the centre of the heater), check to see that the flame is lit. If it is not lit, follow the instructions for your make of boiler to try igniting it. Often this is done just by turning it off, waiting for 20 seconds or so and turning it on again. However, if this doesn’t work, continue with the next checks.

One of the most common (and simplest) faults we are often called to attend is boilers not switching on because the water pressure is too low. This is the easiest fix that somebody can do at home themselves and yet we are called out to these all the time.

Following some very simple guidelines, you can have your own boiler up and running in no time.

– Check water pressure. Around 1.5bars of atmospheric pressure is the optimum water pressure that is required in your system. Low water pressure is one of the most common reasons for your boiler not performing. This may have been caused by bleeding the radiators over time or maybe a leak in the system. Simply re-instating the correct pressure is enough to fix many of these problems.

  1. Make sure that the boiler is switched off and allow time for it to cool if it isn’t already.
  2. Locate your “Filling Loop”. This has a valve of both ends. Ensure both valves are firmly attached to both either end of the hose. (Each boiler manufacturer has a different filling loop setup so check your boiler instructions guide).
  3. Open both valves with the tap handles, one at a time allowing cold mains supply water to fill the system. You will hear the water rush in.
  4. Keep checking the pressure gauge until it reaches 1.5bars.
  5. Return both valves to their closed position, one at a time again.
  6. Turn your boiler on and see if it starts working again.
  7. If your boiler starts working again, monitor it over the next few days or weeks. If you constantly have to increase the water pressure every day, then you probably have a leak in your system. If it works okay for months then it was probably just from bleeding the radiators or a slight decrease in pressure over time which does happen.

If your boiler is still not working, check some of the further steps below.

-Check the temperature setting hasn’t been turned down or knocked by mistake.

-Set the temperature to high so the water heater can provide adequate amounts of hot water.

– Ensure that the boiler is set to heat water and heating system if that is your requirements.

-Ensure that the timer is not set up to be either constantly on or constantly off.

-Ensure the water heater is powerful enough to meet the demands of the household.

-The water heater may have to be reset. (The action steps here depend on the specifics of the water heater). If you have the instructions to do so and feel confident then reset the boiler. If not, please call a professional plumber.

-It goes without saying that if you are on a payment meter; please ensure that there is sufficient credit in the meter to pay for the hot water!!!!

If all of these simple checks have failed, maybe it’s time to call in a professional.

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