Rainwater down pipe blocked (Clearing a Blocked Gutter)

A rainwater down pipe blocked is usually caused by leaves and debris build up from the roof and gutter and over hanging trees which then falls down the down pipe and builds up over time blocking the natural flow of water.

There are several things which you can do. Again, prevention is better than cure and getting your gutters cleared out on a regular basis will almost always prevent the down pipe from blocking in the first place.

Putting a balloon guard (debris filter) inside the neck of the down pipe is essential to prevent leaves and twigs getting into your down pipe and for only a couple of pounds it is an investment everybody should make. Just ensure that it is not too small and slides down the down pipe, causing a blockage!!!!!

Once the blockage is in the down pipe, it is a bigger job to treat so prevention is definitely the way to approach a blocked down pipe.

Treating a blocked down pipe depends on where the blockage is, how long the down pipe is and if there are any access points within the pipe. If you live in a house, then the down pipe can usually be unblocked with a combination of a flexible drain clearing rod to dislodge and a very powerful jet wash to blast water through the pipe and force the built up debris and/or plant growth to be expelled at the bottom.

If you are in a high flat, sometimes the down pipe is extremely long; especially in Victorian tenement blocks. Modern pipe fittings usually have access points, but old Victorian pipes are often solid pipe connections back to back. If you are lucky enough to have the blocked down pipe at the top or the bottom, then a cleaning rod or jet wash may be long enough to reach in. If the block is in the middle though and doesn’t seem to be clearing with these tools, you may have to cut the pipe and re-attach once the block has been removed. This is an absolute last resort though and it seldom comes to this.

If  you can’t clear your blocked downpipe yourself, call Glasgow Plumbing Services for the Professional Plumbers in Glasgow.

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