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– 24 Hour Emergency Plumber Glasgow

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– Boiler Repairs/ Servicing/ Replacements

– Emergency Flooding/ Burst Pipes/ Leaks

– Landlord Safety Certificates

– Insurance Claims

– Water Tanks and Immersion Heaters

– Shower and Power Showers Gas/Electric

– Lead Pipe Replacement

– Drain Unblocking

-Outside Taps Fitted

-Underfloor Heating Systems

-Taps Repaired/ Replaced

– Washing Machine/ Dishwasher

– Smart Thermostat Installation

– Storage Tank Repairs

– Gas Cookers and Gas Fires

– Solar Water Systems

– Central Heating

Emergency Plumber Glasgow

When you need an emergency plumber in Glasgow, call 0141-530-1315. Since we only serve Glasgow, this means a quicker response time for our customers. We can usually get to any part of Glasgow in under an hour which is a must when you have a plumbing emergency in need of fixing.

When you call for a 24 hour Plumber in Glasgow you need a local Glasgow plumber to arrive as soon as possible… We know the area; this is our city and we will be at your doorstep as quickly as the traffic allows. Glasgow Plumbing Services are the local plumbers in Glasgow.

Our 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service means that we can deal with your emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Nobody wants a plumbing emergency, not least of all in the early hours of the morning but if it does happen, you can rest assured that Glasgow Plumbing Services will be on hand to respond to any emergency.

Call our 24 hour line on 0141-530-1315 for any emergency plumbing problems……

Boiler Repair Glasgow

If you need a Boiler Repair in Glasgow, Glasgow Plumbing Services can carry out all the work required to get your boiler back up and running. Our highly trained and qualified staff have a great deal of experience in dealing with boiler repairs and as such diagnosing the problems and getting a resolution is done with minimum effort of fuss.

Gas Safe Registered, our heating engineers will carry out the boiler repair work and/or supply and fit the new part(s) required. We specialise in the top 7 boiler brands which gives us access to parts for boilers which are now discontinued and hard to come by. We also have a long and valued relationship with several plumbing merchants in Glasgow and are therefore able to obtain boiler parts at hugely discounted prices and pass these savings onto our customers.

Many of the repairs we carry out on boilers is because they have been neglected for years without being serviced. Just like your car it is good practise to service your boiler to keep it running safely and at optimum efficiency.

It makes good financial sense to repair your existing boiler in the first instance. Even several repairs over a few years to your existing boiler including parts and labour is still massively cheaper than replacing your boiler.

However, there are occasions when your out of date existing boiler does becomes beyond economical repair. If your boiler is in serious disrepair, so old that the parts are no longer available or so inefficient that your energy bills are huge then maybe it is time to look to replace your boiler.



Boiler Service Glasgow

If you are looking to have your boiler serviced in Glasgow, Glasgow Plumbing Services can provide a full boiler service.

Why do you need this and what does it cover?

Ensuring that your boiler is safe in your home is a price worth paying; not just because of the cost to replace it but more importantly to have the peace of mind that you and your family are safe. Although boilers are designed to be very safe, over time they lose efficiency and on very rare occasions can cause gas leaks or emit carbon monoxide which can be disastrous. Getting your boiler serviced by one of our heating engineers will allow it to run as efficiently as possible and keep you safe.

How often should I service my boiler is a question which we are often asked. The best answer to this is that your boiler should be serviced every year. Not just because your boiler is a necessary part of your home, providing heating and hot water which you don’t want to be without but more importantly to ensure that your boiler is safe to use and running at maximum efficiency.

The additional benefits of getting your boiler serviced is that your boiler is maintained to run at maximum efficiency therefore keeping your energy bills down and even offsetting the cost of the service. Just like getting your car serviced and changing the oil once a year, your boiler requires similar care and attention to continue to operate as it was designed.

When any work is carried out on your boiler, it is essential that the engineer is qualified to carry out the work and Gas Safe Registered. At Glasgow Plumbing Services, our heating engineers meet all the necessary safety requirements and are registered with the regulatory bodies so you can be rest assured that you are being looked after by a professional.

What does our Boiler Service entail?

-Most importantly your boiler will be checked for safety of use, checking for gas and carbon monoxide leaks.

-Testing for functionality and operability, each component is inspected and tested for its purpose and qualified to be fit for use or not.

-Pipes and flue are cleaned out if required to provide a free-flowing chamber for your boiler to operate and checked for corrosion and leaks.

-The flue will be tested to ensure that emissions are normal and no unwanted gases are escaping. A blockage or leak in the flue can cause serious problems in a household.

As it involves gas, then it is paramount that your boiler is checked over by a Gas Safe heating engineer. In the UK, approximately one person a week dies from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide is odourless and therefore very difficult to detect but you can easily fit a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home to alert you to this danger and it will raise an alarm in the same way that a smoke detector would. Also remember, if you do smell gas then call British Gas emergency number on 0800 111 999. Open all doors and windows and wait in a safe place away from the smell for the Emergency Gas Team to arrive.


Boiler Replacement Glasgow

When you are looking for a Boiler Replacement or to have a new boiler installed in Glasgow then you need to know what type of boiler to buy. This is often determined by the size of your property, available space, if gas is installed or not, if solar panels are fitted etc…. Below is an introduction to the various types of boilers available which will help you to make your decision.

If you are still unsure, call 0141-530-1315 for a qualified heating engineer to help you decide which type of boiler is best suited for you.

Combi Boiler

The most common type of boiler is the Combi Boiler or the Combination Boiler to give it its full title because it has the combined role of heating both the hot water and the central heating system. Instead of the hot water being stored such as in the System Boiler or a Traditional Boiler, the Combi Boiler heats the water as required, directly from the tap or shower. This has 2 main advantages. The water comes out at mains pressure as it is coming direct from the source so you have maximum pressure and don’t require pumping water from a storage area. Also, this is the most efficient way to use your hot water as you are only heating water you use and not paying to heat and then store water which you may or may not use.

Modern Combi Boilers are very quiet and compact meaning that they no longer have to be in out of the way places and are often fitted discreetly into kitchens and bathrooms reducing the need for costly pipework fitted throughout the property. Combi Boilers also do away with the need for a water tank in the loft as they heat directly from the taps so are ideal for homes with limited space or in homes where you need to do away with the water tank to allow for a loft conversion for example.

Modern Combi Boilers are also highly energy efficient.

System Boilers

A system boiler is generally larger than a Combi Boiler, as it requires an extra cylinder for hot water storage (central heating expansion vessel). These are useful in those properties with multiple bathrooms or have a need for hot water being supplied to multiple taps at the same time.

A system boiler has the heating and hot water systems built in as part of the full unit. This does away with the need for a separate cold or hot water storage area (feed and expansion cistern), thus reducing the space required if the loft space is needed. It also makes the installation process easier and cleaner as all the operational parts are contained within the system itself. Again, they are Highly Efficient and economical to run and are also compatible with Solar Water Heating Systems to reduce your carbon foot print.

These are particularly suitable in larger households or those with more than one bathroom where you require more hot water than a Combi Boiler could provide. Or those households where a power shower is installed or would like quick filling baths due to the built-in pump providing a high flow rate.

Traditional Boiler

A Traditional Boiler (or Regular Boiler/Conventional Boiler) requires a cold-water storage tank to supply the boiler and a hot water storage tank to maintain the hot water levels for the central heating system. These tanks are usually kept in the loft. For this reason, a conventional boiler requires more storage space than a Combi Boiler or a System Boiler.

A Regular Boiler is suited to older properties which have older central heating and hot water systems like old radiators which are not designed for more modern high water pressure systems.

Again, this may be your best option for larger properties with multiple bathrooms or have a need for a lot of hot water use or where water pressure is low.

These types of boilers are also compatible with a Solar Water Heating System.

Fuel Efficiency and SEDBUK

The efficiency of boilers uses the SEDBUK scale which is the Governing Organisational Body appointed in the U.K. From 2005 to 2009 the award system of a boiler was a rating of A > G.

From 2009 this changed to a simple percentage (%) and from 2010, new boilers must be at least 88% efficient meaning that they utilise at least 88% of their fuel source in providing hot water.

Condensing Boilers

Condensing Boilers recycle “waste” gases which would normally be dispelled outside via the flue to generate additional; energy to heat the water. These boilers are especially energy efficient since they are using every available energy source to generate heat from. If you are looking for the most efficient boiler to minimise of Carbon waste then a Condensing Boiler is your best option. Modern boilers are mostly all forms of condensing boilers now with very few exceptions as it is the most efficient way of producing heat.

We work with all the major appliance providers to ensure that you are getting the best quality parts for the job in hand.



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